The best beaches in Oman you must visit

Oman is a country that is blessed with a wealth of natural beauty and attractions that are simply stunning. It is one of those perfect destinations that you simply must visit if you are looking for a relaxing holiday. Oman also has a large number of really beautiful and serene beaches all throughout that make for some of the most popular holiday spots in the world. Here are some of these beaches that you have to visit if you are in Oman so that you can get a treat of their golden sandy beaches and clear turquoise waters.

Shatti Al Qurum

The Shatti Al Qurum beach also known as just Al Qurum is located on the northern coast of Oman and is one of the most upscale residential areas in the land. It is also known as the Diplomatic District of Muscat and is filled with an array of restaurants and other such facilities like shopping venues that will really help you get into vacation mode. You will also be able to find many a muscat beach hotel here that you can stay at and enjoy a really comfortable vacation in. Just make sure that you make your bookings ahead of time as this area can be really popular among travelers.

The Qantab shoreline

Taking the name of the little village that it is actually located in, called Qantab this shoreline is justaa small number of minutes away from Muscat and is positioned on a beautiful and delightfully little bay. What is really distinct about this beach is the absolutely exceptional experience that is provides its visitors. Here you will be treated to healthy servings of the beautiful and intricate Omani architecture, the incredible local craftsmanship that goes into making the small fishing boats and the amazingly tranquil atmosphere alongside the world renowned Omani hospitality and their friendliness.

The Sifah shore

Located near the Jebel Sifah which translates to the SifahMountaon, this beautiful and quaint shoreline sits on the eastern coast of Muscat. The characteristic of this area that stands out the most is the pristine white sands that have a few rocky outcrops stretched throughout its length and breadth. If you are a sporty person, this would be the ideal spot for you as you can readily enjoy some water sports while you are here and also end the day on a high note with some barbecues on the beach. These are just a handful of the amazing beaches that this incredible city has to offer. Make sure that you visit as many of them as you can on your next travel to Oman

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